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Dynamic Indexing

Agile manages dynamic indexes ranging from equities, bonds and currency, to multi-asset, volatility and multi-directional indexes.

Our experience shows that the ADI approach lowers volatility within asset classes and offers investors risk management alternatives not available in a standard index approach.

Index Fully Invested

Index Partially in Cash

Index Hedged to Downside 

Investment Portfolios

Agile's portfolios are designed to meet the demands of changing markets by combining Agile indices to create our portfolios.

Agile portfolios maintain allocations in investable equivalents of Agile’s risk-managed indices and attempts to track the underlying holdings and performance to the Agile indexes based on a risk / reward matrix.

The exact allocation of each index is varied to create portfolios that meet different needs.


Whether you are just starting to save, retired, or somewhere in between, Agile has a portfolio for you.

Example Allocations Over Time

Correlations between and among assets are not static. This means that the theoretical diversification benefits offered by most advisors begins to fall apart in times of market distress, precisely when investors need diversification the most.


ADI uses an active approach based on our dynamic indices that adjust your portfolio based on market conditions and not theory or forecasts.                        

Dec 2003:

Remain hedged from market

downturn of 2002

Dec 2007:

Unknowingly the peak of economic activity.


Agile allocations dynamically shifting to lower equity holdings

October 2008:

Finanancial Crisis

28% Hedged

36% Cash

December 2011:

The U.S. Federal Reserve announces Operation Twist spurring U.S. Equites

December 2013:

The year ends with the biggest gains in equites since 1997

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