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Investment Policy Certification

Agile Investment Policy Program provides public investors with guidance and technical assistance in developing a comprehensive written investment policy. The Model Investment Policy includes elements the APT US&C Association deems essential to a written investment policy, and establishes an outline upon which treasury officials may develop their own policies.

This unique program provides a review and certification component: to become certified, public treasury officials submit their government's investment policies to APT US&C for peer review.

What are the benefits of having your Investment Policy Certified?

The trust and confidence that your governing body and its corresponding public constituency receives from knowing that you not only have taken the time to draft an Investment Policy, but you have taken the extra professional step of having the APT US&C successfully review and certify that it is a professionally accepted policy.

Why does AGILE review Investment Policies?

The Investment Policy Certification process is designed to aid Public Funds achieve certification. by the APT US&C.  For your policy to receive certification it must be approved by all reviewers on the 18 areas spelled out in the APT US&C model policy.

For your policy to achieve certification it must adequately address:

  1. Policy

  2. Scope

  3. Prudence

  4. Objective

  5. Delegation of Authority

  6. Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

  7. Authorized Financial Dealers and Institutions

  8. Authorized and Suitable Investments

  9. Investment Pools/Mutual Funds

  10. Collateralization

  11. Safekeeping and Custody

  12. Diversification

  13. Maximum Maturities

  14. Internal Control

  15. Performance Standards

  16. Reporting

  17. Investment Policy Adoption

  18. Glossary

If your policy does not receive an adequate score to pass, you receive a critique to help you understand any problem areas or deficiencies; you may then modify your policy so it will reach the professional standards required for the APT US&C certification.

Agile Capital Program Procedures


Submit  RQH  copy  of  the application form  and appropriate documentation to your assigned Agile reviewer. The  program  fee  for Agile will include the Certification fee  due  APT US&C members and non-members.  


2.  Your Agile assisted  investment  policy  documentation  will  be  forwarded  to  three  reviewers  at APT US&C who  will evaluate  the  investment  policy  and  make  a  recommendation  as  to  certification.  Two  out  of  three members  must  vote  in  favor  of  awarding  certification  in  order  for  the  entity  to  receive  APT US&C’s  Written  Investment  Policy  Certification.   Agile Capital is a member of APT US& C and works closeley wioth the INvestment Policy Certification committee with the common goal of certifying Public Funds on the first submission or re-certification.



  3.  Approximately  six  weeks  after  receipt  of  submission,  notification  of  certification  will  be mailed  to  the  individual  identified  on  the  application  form  (Item  15)  as  well  as  the  treasurer requesting  the  review.  Comments  from  the  reviewers  will  be  forwarded  to  both  successful  and unsuccessful applicants.


4.  Investment  Policy  review  and  certification  occur  continually  throughout  the  year.  However, investment  policies  must  be  submitted  by  June  1st  in  order  for  successful  applicants  and  entities to receive  recognition and a  plaque  at APT US&C’s annual conference  in  August. Should  you have  any  questions about the  application or  the model investment policy, please  contact the  Chair  of  the  Investment Policy  Certification We  appreciate  your comments or suggestions relating  to this certification program.

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